Combine a savings and insurance plan to give your child the best education

Save for your child’s education with affordable easy payments on a yearly, half-yearly or monthly basis. Flexible terms allow you to decide how much, how often and for how long you wish to save.


  • Plan term from eight years onwards
  • Guarantees the Sum Assured and bonus payout at maturity
  • Guarantees the Sum Assured and Family Income Benefit (monthly) in case something unexpected happens to you



In case of your unfortunate death, the Sum assured will be paid out to your beneficiaries immediately. The future premium on the policy will be waived till maturity of the plan. In addition, the insurance company will pay 1% of the sum assured every month from the date of such event till maturity, which will help finance the school fees of your child.

Product Features:

EduCare from Orient Insurance is a combined savings and insurance plan, giving your child financial security for the future, and a range of features that make it easy to save with.

  • Worldwide cover for GCC residents
  • Flexible payment options
  • Available in both UAE and USD
  • Plan term options from 8 to 30 years (can be taken up to the age of 70 years)
  • Flexibility to take partial withdrawals
  • Flexibility to take a loan against the cash value of your plan
  • Add any of the following supplementary benefits:
  • Accidental death benefits
  • Permanent total disability due to sickness or accident
  • Permanent partial disability due to accident
  • Passive war risk cover


For more information please contact our Investment Management team on +971 2 692 0609 or email us at


Disclaimer: The plans are distributed by the Bank and underwritten by Orient Insurance. As with most investments, the value of your investments can go down as well as up. It is suggested that you take independent financial advice before investing in the product. The information contained on this web page is intended for general consumer understanding only. The Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. Other terms and conditions apply.


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