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Invest with FAB today

Invest in our award winning funds across multiple geographies and asset classes including equities, fixed income, money markets and alternative investments. We can offer you conventional investments at a local, regional and global level, as well as the opportunity to invest in Shari’a compliant funds.

Global Funds

These investment funds are managed by leading international managers and help you invest across various asset classes and geographies.

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our funds

FAB Funds

Through our award winning investment funds, we offer you the opportunity to invest in multi-asset classes including equities, fixed income.

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Structured Products

Specifically designed to allow you to capitalize on market opportunities and trends, at the same time protecting you from the downside risk.

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We bring you the leading regional and global custody services, facilitating a range of post-trading services in more than 70 international financial markets.

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Securities Brokerage

Providing you with quick and easy access to the markets through certified brokers and advisors, or online through our fully automated trading platform.

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Securities Prices Information

Stay tuned and updated by viewing your FAB investment valuations, and securities net asset prices.

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Stay informed and updated with the local and global financial news and events. Here, we provide you, the access to First Abu Dhabi Bank financial and investment insights and views.

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