Have fees and charges changed for FAB products or services?

No, here is our current Service and Price Guide.

Have the terms and conditions (T&C) changed for my existing products?

For the current T&Cs, please refer to the relevant product on our website, by clicking here.

Have my account details changed?

Please refer to the letter or email sent to you, with your previous and new account details.

If you had a FGB product before the systems integration the only change to your details is that you have a new IBAN.  You can also view this number by logging in to Mobile Banking or Online Banking.

If you had a NBAD product before the systems integration you now have new account number and IBAN for each account. To view these, please login to Mobile Banking or Online Banking.

In all instances, the previous account numbers and IBANs will continue to operate as before until further notice.

Has my IBAN changed?

Following the systems integration, you now have a new IBAN.  You can find your new IBAN in the following ways:


  • Mobile Banking app

  • Online Banking service

  • Account statements dated from 4 December 2018 onwards

  • In branch


Your previous IBAN will continue to work until further notice.

Has my fixed deposit account number changed?

If you had a NBAD fixed deposit account, your account number changed during the systems integration. To find out your new account number, please login to the Mobile Banking app or Online Banking service.

I funded my fixed deposit from several current accounts and have nominated the proceeds to be distributed across multiple accounts. Has this arrangement been impacted by systems integration?

Fixed deposit accounts can now only be funded from a single account and proceeds can only be credited to a single current or savings account denominated in the same currency. To nominate your preferred account, please visit one of our branches.

Have my minimum balance requirements changed?

The minimum balance requirement for both current and call accounts is now AED 3,000 or foreign currency equivalent per day. A minimum balance fee will apply if your account does not meet this daily criteria.

Has the minimum debit interest amount changed for current and savings accounts?

Yes. Accounts with a balance between AED 0 to AED 3,000 per day will be charged AED 25 for that month.

Account balances less than AED 0 will be charged 19% annual equivalent interest on the overdrawn amount or AED 175 for that month, whichever is greater.   

Will I receive new cheque books following systems integration?

You can continue to use your existing cheque books until they are finished. To order a new cheque book, please visit your nearest branch or call our Customer Contact Centre on 600525500.

I used to access my FGB and NBAD accounts separately. Can I continue to do this?

If you did not request to move your accounts into a single FAB profile, you can continue to access them separately as before.

If I opted to combine my accounts into a single FAB profile, have any of my accounts, products or services changed?

Your accounts, products and services have not changed by combining your accounts into a single FAB profile. To view the current terms and conditions applied to your accounts, please click here.

I would like to migrate to a single FAB profile now. Is this possible?

This service is no longer available.