I have received a credit card statement by email. How do I open it?

This statement is secure and can only be opened with a password unique to you.

This password is a combination of:

  • 4 digits from your year of birth
  • The last 4 digits of your registered mobile number

For example, if your year of birth is 1986, and your mobile number is 0501234567 new password will be 19864567.

Have my credit card payment due dates changed?

All credit card payment due dates will now be 25 days after the statement date.

Has my loyalty programme changed?

Your loyalty programme will continue as before.

How many accounts can I link to my debit card?

You can only link a maximum of two accounts to your debit card.

Have my supplementary cards changed?

Please note that any payment to your supplementary card balance will be reflected on your statement cycle date, rather than the payment date.

I have credit cards with both banks, do I need to cancel one? What will happen with my credit limit?

You do not need to cancel any of your credit cards and your credit limits will not change.

Will the branding of my credit cards change? When will you issue replacements?

You can continue to use your existing credit cards as normal. We will let you know when we issue your replacement FAB Islamic cards.

I usually authenticate my online transactions through a password. Can I continue to use this password for authentication?

All online credit card transactions are now authenticated only through a One Time Password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number and email address.

I had credit cards with FGB and NBAD. Can I combine the credit limits of these cards if I cancel one of them?

Credit limits cannot be moved between cards.