With FAB’s easy-to-use SMS Banking service, you can:

  • Check your latest account balance/available credit card balance, minimum amount due and payment due date

  • View information on your last five account or credit card transactions

  • Transfer funds between FAB accounts

  • Make FAB credit card payments

  • Activate your credit or debit card

  • Generate or reset your Telephone Banking PIN

  • Register for e-Statements

  • Register for account alerts

  • Pay Etisalat and SEWA bills and retrieve your outstanding bill amounts

  • Pay DEWA/ADWEA and Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) bills

  • Recharge Salik account

  • Recharge DU account and pay DU bills

  • Recharge or renew Wasel

Click here to view the SMS Banking user guide [guide attached]