How to Activate your FAB Card in 3 Steps?

3 Steps to Activate your Card

Step 1: Download FAB Mobile App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Step 2: Open the app and choose “Activate Card”

Step 3: Follow the instructions to set a PIN and activate your card

Click here to Watch our Video Tutorial

How can I access the new Mobile Banking App?

You can download the new FAB Mobile Banking, from your usual app store.

Google Play

App Store

As Mobile Banking is a completely new app, you will need to create new login credentials as follows:

  • Use your Customer ID, debit card number or credit card number

  • Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number

  • Create a password


To see a short video on the new Mobile Banking app, please click here.

What account information can I see on the app?

You will have a single view of all your account information including;

  • Your name as it appears on the accounts

  • Balances for all accounts

  • All account numbers and IBANs where applicable

Will I still be able to view my existing beneficiaries in the new FAB Mobile Banking app?

All of your existing beneficiaries will continue to be available. If your beneficiaries previously held a FGB or NBAD account, they will be visible in the ‘within FAB’ section.

Have my scheduled and recurring payments been saved?

All of your scheduled and recurring payments will continue as before and can be managed in the new app.

Will my standing instructions utility bill payments be migrated?

All of your standing instructions will continue as before and can be managed in the new app. This includes utility bill payments.

Please note that if you have a standing instruction for a DEWA bill payment, your 10 digit account number will appear in the ‘Beneficiaries’ field.

What are the key features in the new FAB Mobile Banking App?

The new app provides you with a wide range of features, including:

Account/Card Services:

  • Login with your fingerprint or face recognition technology

  • View and download your credit card statements

  • Request new cheque books

  • Debit card and credit card activations and PIN resets

  • Automatic utility payments to AADC, ADDC, DEWA, DU, ETISALAT, FEWA, SALIK and SEWA

  • Instant beneficiary creation and payments

  • Instant remittance transfers with live foreign exchange rates


Product Services:

  • Converting credit card transactions into an easy payment plan

  • Instant processing of credit card Balance Transfers and Quick Cash requests

  • Requesting loan payment deferrals

  • Instant iSave account opening

  • Instant Term Deposit booking

  • Updating your personal details such as Emirates ID, Account Email Address, credit card email address & Mobile number can now be updated via the app.

  • You can also download statements for account and credit card from the mobile app.

Which features are no longer available in Mobile Banking?

Please note that the following Mobile Banking features are no longer available:

  • The Secure Pass Token service

  • Increasing your debit card or credit card limits