Will I receive new cheque books following systems integration?

You can continue to use your existing cheque books until they are finished. Should you require a new cheque book, please visit your nearest branch or call our Customer Contact Centre.

I have multiple accounts with FAB. Do I need to maintain the minimum balance in every account?

No, as long as the total balance across all of your accounts meets your total minimum balance requirement.

I had a NBAD account and a FGB account. Will FAB close one now?

No, both accounts will continue to remain active, unless you decide to close one.

I had a loan with FGB and a loan with NBAD. What will happen to these loans?

The terms and conditions for your loans will remain the same.


However, please note that your loan number may change. Please refer to the Loans FAQ for more information.

I had an account with NBAD and an account with FGB. Have my fees and charges changed?

Please refer to our ‘Service and Price Guide’ for more information on fees and charges.

Has my covering account sweep frequency changed?

Yes. The new sweep frequency is 7 or 14 days instead of 6 and 15 days previously.

I had a NBAD account. Can I still use contact centre services?

Yes, you can continue to use the contact centre, however, you will need to complete the Key Contact Person Form to register for this free of charge service. You can do this by contacting your Relationship Manager or by visiting a branch.