Whom do I need to contact to apply for the Accelerator?

  • To apply for the Accelerator Programme, please click here
  • You may also visit your nearest FAB branch or call us on 600525500 or send an SMS to 2121 with the word ‘ACCL’ to have our representative to get in touch with you.

What is the documentation required to apply for the Accelerator Programme?

  • You need to have the following at the time of application:
    • Accelerator Application Form, duly filled in
    • Original passport and copy
    • Valid residence visa (for expats) and copy
    • Original Emirates ID an copy
    • Copy of Labor Card copy/FZ ID card or ID card for employees of Govt. office
    • Salary Certificate
  • FAB reserves the right to ask the customer for any additional documents depending on the customer profile and the product(s) applied for

I have a Personal loan facility from another bank in the UAE. Can I transfer my loan to FAB and apply for Accelerator?

Yes, you can transfer your existing personal loan facility from a bank in the UAE and apply for the Accelerator Programme. You will be eligible for the Accelerator benefits once you are subscribed to the Accelerator Programme.